Storytelling In Marketing Examples

Storytelling is an effective technique to market a brand or product. By telling a story, a company could deliver a clear message to the audience about what the brand is all about while catching audience’s emotion and motivate the audience to take an action. In the world today, storytelling is proven powerful to boost business value by over 20 times greater. To prove the power, here are some examples of storytelling in marketing that done well. *Please, note that storytelling could be delivered in various forms from writing to video.

  1. Star Wars could be one of the most successful storytelling. Based on the story of Luke Skywalker, Star Wars is now a gigantic industry of merchandise and games. They also give examples of how transmedia storytelling could be so powerful and effective in building massive marketing.
  2. Under Armour is also a successful story after this brand successfully took the second spot in US sport-wear market. The story about how the founder and CEO Kevin Plank created moisture-wicking compression shirt as a solution to solve his soaked cotton undershirt problem while playing football caught people attention, especially athlete that experience the same thing. This brand is also successful with their female marketing strategy with the story portraying strong and tough female that is fit with what female consumers want to see. This is a good example about how the story should put consumers as the main character.
  3. Google Stories are incredible stories. Since 2010, Google has been releasing “Year in Search” videos that tell the story about the entire year’s searches. The videos comprise moving and compelling stories about events and incidents that impacted the world. With such emotional content, the stories able to garner millions of views every year.
  4. GoPro is also said to be one of the best brand with storytelling. The story about the origin or GoPro name and the “Be a Hero” slogan successfully touch people heart and encourage people to live life to the fullest and become a hero of their own lives. This is what we called it understanding your customers and lead them smoothly to get behind the brand.
  5. Nike is a good example of excellent brand storytelling. Their equality campaign is one of the best. It tells the story of the company that strives for positive social change, more than just sport apparels. The story connected the brand with audience emotional. In the other side, it successfully created a smooth “call-to-action” by inviting people to join their collective movement by wearing Nike products.
  6. Warby Parker shared their stories with focusing on social consciousness. The mission of the company to stop eyewear industry monopoly and offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price hits people heart. This storytelling success shows us that thinking of others than ourselves will gain higher level of respects. Moreover, the story resonated well with the press that helped to boost the campaign.

From the examples above, it is so clear that the story should be able to catch people emotion by understanding them.

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