Storytelling Marketing Strategy

Storytelling in marketing is something that has been implemented from a very long time ago. Nonetheless, in the heat of social media and content marketing, to tell story of the brand becomes more imperative. It could create personal connection between the brand and the target marketing. Then, it will inspire people to give their trust to the brand and take action to buy. That is the reason why storytelling becomes effective marketing technique that should come to be the key part of marketing strategy.
However, storytelling in marketing is not as if you tell your story to a friend without any goal in mind. In marketing, you have an objective and the story should able to make the objective fulfilled. To make it happen, you need a strategy that comprise an excellent brand narrative, the right media to put your story, and the right time to tell your story.
To create an excellent brand narrative, you need to do the following:
– Start your story with a hook that will catch people attention to listen or to read your story. Find something that will trigger their curiosity. You can start it with a question that needs resolution.
– When creating the story of your brand, you need to give the audience a role. This is the thing that will create personal connection with your audience. It would be best if you can make the customer as the main character while your company becomes the supporting cast. It will make your customers feel they are important.
РMake the narrative logical with factual story and add emotional element to it. A logical story is important because it will make people believe, but emotional story will lead to people’s care and trust. This could be the hardest part when creating brand narrative. In order to help you find the emotional element, you need to listen to people. The emotional element could be in challenge plot about overcoming great difficulty, connection plot about sharing the same thing, or creative plot about new way of seeing things.
– Since marketing is about selling, you need to sell your brand. However, make it indirect and subtle so your audience will not feel forced by your story to do something they do not want. Be creative and lead the way to the direction you want smoothly.
Once you finish with your brand narrative, you need tell your story in the right media where your target marketing is and in the right time when they listen. It is very important to choose the right media and the right time because no matter how great your story is, it would be wasteful if no one read or listen it. Please do some research to know which media is good and what time is best.
Storytelling is an art and it is not easy to create an art. However, thing will be possible if you try hard. Even more, you need to aware that stories are continuously evolving. What happen today will fill the story. Therefore, your storytelling marketing strategy should also evolve by time. As you have more experience, you can make it better.

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