What Is Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling is defined as a way to use words to share a story, often with improvisation to reveal elements and images of the story to catch listener attention and encourage listener imagination. Storytelling is an art. It is an old art, which has been used since the ancient time. With the power it has, storytelling is used in marketing to breathe life into the brand and take the target audience into a journey that will form personal connection with the brand.
Telling a story to target marketing is more effective than advertise the brand with exaggerate words. A story could goes to the heart of people, make them remember it, and inspire them to do something. Of course, in marketing, the goal is to inspire them to love your brand and buy your product. That would be a marketing success.
Since the intention is to market the brand, the story to tell is should be about the brand itself. It could be anything, but just like a fairy tale, it should have an opening to set up the situation, the chronicle of conflict to pull the audience deeper into the story, and the closing of a resolution. Then, do not forget to the very important element in marketing that is “call to action”. The story should able to make people who listen to it take an action on your direction.
However, the “call to action” part is usually indirect. It should be a soft marketing. You do not push people to do what you want but you lead people to go to your way. In this way, people will not feel forced to buy your product but instead, people will feel connection to your brand, come to your store, and buy the product on their own choice.
To create the story to tell, you should look to the story of your brand itself. Every brand, every company, must have a story. From the day you get the inspiration to build your company to the very day, there should be a story. Therefore, try to remember and collect the whole story of your brand. This would be the starting point to create the story to tell to your target marketing.
You may think that your story is too ordinary and it must be not captivating. Yet, that is why storytelling is magical. It could turn ordinary story into something unique, something worth to tell. When you feel your is too ordinary, you should know that there is no two stories are identical, that should be something that makes them different. Find your differences and you can make your story unique.
An interesting story is something that flowing and logical. You need to embellish the story to catch people attention but do not add false story. Something factual will make your target believe it and continue to pay attention. Then, the story should not all about your brand and your product, something about your customer should be part of the story. Make your customer as one of the character in your story. It will create the connection. As the result, it will create greater impact.

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