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We’ve got a lot going on this year, and we can’t wait for you to join us. We’ve been going strong for 17 years and we’re all excited about bringing stories back to the Kansas City Metro Area.

What kind of stories? The Storytelling Celebration features narratives and experiences from all genres. From folktales to tall-tales, fantasy, fiction and fairytales to personal life stories, all share the spotlight to bring the audience a unique understanding of the world at large and of their own lives.

MCC-Maple Woods and its community partners invite you to experience this one-of-a-kind event and spread the word about the importance of teaching our community to become citizens of the world through stories.

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  1. I’m looking to learn storytelling for my (good) clown characters for free or as close to it as possible. Are there any free classes/groups in or close to Lees Summit I can join/learn from?

  2. Hello!
    I just had a simple question…( A.S.L. )
    Since the storytellers are most likely bringing their original stories/original versions of stories I highly doubt that there’s been an A.S.L. (American Sign Language) Translator hired for this event.
    My deaf friend would LOVE to attend!! Unfortunately she would not have the chance to enjoy this interesting storytelling celebration if she couldn’t comprehend what is being said.
    So, if you haven’t already, would you consider hiring a A.S.L./S.L. translator for this event? It would be highly appreciated by myself and the deaf community I’m involved in. I also believe a larger crowd of people would attend once this information is revealed on the main page or the Maple Woods page!
    Thank you!

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